Every two years my maternal grandmother’s family gathers for a reunion. Much like the Olympics, we alternate the event’s location based on the host family’s residence. This year we met at Cascade, Co., and in 2013 we’ll get together in my hometown, Topeka, Kan.

Photo of magnet and coasters gift

Reminder magnet attached to bamboo coasters with raffia.

I designed a reminder magnet for the 2013 reunion to hand out with a gift of bamboo coasters at this year’s reunion.

My parents wanted to use a sunflower to represent Kansas as part of the 2013 reunion theme, so I reviewed several images of sunflowers. After getting a few ideas from these images I created my own sunflower in Adobe Photoshop.

  1. First, I created the center of the flower using a brown circle as the base and one of the brushes from the Heavens Door set to create the impression of seeds.
  2.  Next, I create one sunflower petal. I warped a yellow oval to resemble a petal. I added and warped orange-yellow lines to give the petal dimension.
  3. Then, I duplicated this petal to create a top layer of 20 petals. Each petal was individually rotated and placed around the brown center.
  4. Then, I duplicated the top layer of petals to create the bottom layer and darkened the petal and line colors. I rotated the bottom layer to fill in the gaps behind the top layer.
  5. Finally, I applied a drop showdown to each petal to add more dimension to the flower.

Using my new sunflower as the centerpiece, I designed the reminder magnet.

  1. First, I merged all layers of the sunflower and resized it to 2.4 inches.
  2. Next, I placed a blue, 3.5-inch circle behind the sunflower layer.
  3. Then, I added text using the fonts Birth Of A Hero and Baar Sophia. Birth Of A Hero, size 29, was used for the event title and Baar Sophia, size 12, for the location and date.
  4. Finally, I added a few back ground graphics using a few more of the Heavens Door brushes in a slightly lighter blue and brown colors.
Image of Reminder Magnet File

Electronic file of reminder magnet.

Once the magnet design was complete, I printed five to a page on soft gloss photo paper. I then roughly cut out each circle with scissors and I placed them on the adhesive magnetic sheet. I used my 3.25 inch circle cutter to cut each magnet in a perfect circle. The magnets were then attached to bamboo coasters using raffia and passed out to each family at the 2011 reunion.

If you’d like to download the color palette I created, you can find it at www.colourlovers.com/palette/1655760/Sunflower_Field.


  • Adhesive Magnetic Sheet
  • Soft Gloss Photo Paper
  • Creative Memories Circle Pattern Cutter System
  • Ink Jet Printer

Programs/Electronic Files: